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Google’s latest security update and what it means for your website

GDPR Compliance and what it means for your website

New legislation in the area of data protection means businesses and organisations must ensure their website is compliant. Here are 3 key areas of any website that must be addressed for GDPR.

Seeing your website through the eyes of a customer (Part Two)

Seeing your website through the eyes of a customer (Part Two)

The second of this two-part series examines the importance of navigation and internal link architecture, and what you need to look for when improving your website.

Seeing your website through the eyes of a customer (Part One)

The first of this two-part series examines the importance of readability and performance, and what you need to look for when improving your website.

MSG Tours: A flying success — Marketing case study

After working MSG Tours to enhance their marketing, the travel company has witnessed tremendous public response from customers and seen an increase in enquiries through their website.

Google’s latest security update and what it means for your website

From October, Google will mark websites without an SSL installed as ‘insecure’. Here’s everything you need to know.

Koobrthon 2017 — A look back at our team fitness challenge

Over the past eight weeks, we’ve been hitting the gym, tweaking our diets, and working together to improve our overall fitness and wellbeing as a team. Here’s how we got on.

Fosse Healthcare: A journey of discovery — Branding case study

Earlier this year we embarked on a journey with Fosse Healthcare to redefine their brand for new and existing audiences.

RDS Global: Success and results – Website case study

After working with Koobr in 2017, RDS Global has received more than double the number of monthly enquiries for new business and won two substantial contracts as a result of their new website.

Koobr welcomes new graphic designer Phil

Koobr welcomes Phil Willan, creative graphic designer and the latest addition to our team. Find out more about Phil and how he can help with your brand communication requirements.

Koobr finalists for Marketing Campaign of the Year Award

Team Koobr is delighted to announce that we are through to the finals at this year’s East Midlands Chamber Business Awards, for Marketing Campaign of the Year 2017.

Team Koobr completes the Ramathon — Thank you to everybody who supported us

Weeks of training finally pay off. We are truly grateful and overwhelmed by the sheer number of kind messages and support we received while fundraising for such a worthy cause.

Running for a reason — Why I’m taking part in this year’s Ramathon

Koobr’s Managing Director, Craig Barker, explains why running this year’s Ramathon is so important to him.

Why local customers matter and how to market to them

The local market plays a significant contribution to the success of your business. Here are 4 ways to strengthen your marketing to those customers who are closer to home.

Bring your brand to life through your website

Does your website successfully reflect your brand identity? Here’s our essential guide to why and how you can use your website to enable your brand to flourish.

3 web design trends you should be paying attention to in 2017

As we move into the next quarter of 2017, it’s the perfect time to take a look web design trends everybody should be implementing.

Koobr are recruiting – 3 reasons a career in marketing might be for you

Koobr are recruiting for talented new members, but do you have what it takes to join our team of creative revolutionists? It may well be the start of a promising new career.

Why a strong customer journey is important to your brand

Customer experience is an important aspect for any organisation. But how do you prevent experiences from running wild and impacting your brand in a negative way?

Why your B2B website needs to be more commerce-like in 2017

Another year, another opportunity to strengthen your business. But what does 2017 hold in store for B2B firms looking to improve their online marketing?

Twitter for business: How to ensure it’s your friend… not your foe

Twitter has become a standard platform for businesses looking to strengthen marketing and broaden their customer outreach. Here are a few Do’s and Don’t’s you need to follow.

Derby Food and Drink Awards 2016 — Why celebrating local businesses is so important

Team Koobr was out in full force at this year’s Derby Food and Drink Awards. More than an excuse to dress up and get our drink on, it was a perfect opportunity to showcase the importance of celebrating local businesses.

3 reasons why Sonic the Hedgehog is the king of marketing

2016 marks the 25th anniversary of one of video gamings most beloved icons. But did you know Sonic the Hedgehog was conceived as a marketing device first, consumer product second?

Happy International Coffee Day – How cultural shifts are driving changes in marketing

Today is International Coffee Day. So grab yourself a cup of your favourite blend and find out why your business needs to re-think its approach to marketing.

Apple Event 2016 – Lessons in brand dominance and communication

Last week’s keynote from Apple was one of the biggest events in the tech calendar. But what did they demonstrate that every business can put into practice in their own marketing?

Should you be using emojis in your marketing?

Considering using emojis in your marketing material? Be careful. There’s a right way and a wrong way. Find out how to use emojis for the best outcome in your marketing efforts.

How to be happier at work

Your working environment affects your physical and mental wellbeing. Find out some easy tips to be happier and more productive at work from our team of creatives.

Why you need to up your B2B marketing (and how not to let it fall on deaf ears)

B2B promotion is not so different to consumer-based marketing. Read more to strengthen your business to business marketing strategies.

Keeping pace with the mega-marketers

Marketing and promotion can help your business to grow. Find out how even smaller business can level the playing field.

Bluu Sky – Case Study of a Branding Project

Earlier this year, Koobr worked with Bluu Sky to develop a new and exciting brand. Take a look at our case study and read all about our creative approach to this project.

How to avoid (or recover from) a social media disaster

Social media has revolutionised the way that businesses communicate with their customers and vice-versa, inviting both positive and negative public perceptions of your brand. Here’s how to avoid the bad and leverage the good.

Something to believe in – Is brand more important to your staff than to your customers?

Branding holds just as much importance to your employees as it does to your customers, perhaps even more so. Read more to find out why your business can benefit from internal-marketing.

Comech – Case study of a branding project

In September 2015, CoMech secured one of the biggest contracts in the company’s longstanding history. Earlier that year Koobr developed a new brand for this worldwide organisation.

Chamber Apprenticeships – Case study of a branding project

In 2015, the Chamber launched the new brand for their Chamber Apprenticeships scheme across Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire. Koobr is extremely proud of the work we produced.

Why you need to use dedicated landing pages

Whether your campaign is capturing leads or direct sales, dedicated landing pages are a highly effective way of maximising conversion-rates.

Why you need a responsive email template

Mobile email attributes up to more than half of email opens. Make sure you’re using responsive email templates as part of your email marketing strategy.

Why you need to use email marketing

The majority of UK consumers prefer to receive commercial communications via email, with more than half going on to make a purchase. Make sure you are using email as part of your marketing strategy.

Why you need to cleanse your mailing list

Cleansing your email list now and again will not only help make it easier to measure the success of email marketing campaigns, it will also reduce marketing spend and save your business money in the longterm.

Why you need to re-evaluate and (maybe) refresh your brand

It always pays to take a look at your branding with a fresh pair of eyes. That doesn’t necessarily mean a total re-brand, but there are some changes you can make for a more successful year.

Why you need to develop a brand promise

A brand promise isn’t just about assuring your customers, it’s about establishing your ideals and values, making sure everybody on board buys into the same concept.

Why you need quality digital content

Fresh, interesting and insightful content is essential to your online presence. Unfortunately, many businesses neglect their content output because they either underestimate its importance and effectiveness.

Why you need to optimise your website for mobile

If your website is not optimised to work across mobile devices, you’re neglecting a significant proportion of users, resulting in far fewer people successfully connecting with your business online.

Biggest website trends you need to know in 2016

These are the biggest trends you need to know for a modern, effective website in 2016.

Koobr’s creative input, support, responsiveness, and collaborative approach have all proven to be essential to the marketing success of our organisation.
Digital Growth Programme
Working with Koobr has strengthened our marketing activities across multiple channels, gaining extra traction, positivity, and engagement with audiences.
MSG Tours
Our new website developed by Koobr has seen an increase in not only traffic but also conversions for new business.
RDS Global
Koobr took the time to understand our services, our needs, and the challenges we face as a business. The quality of the work produced has been outstanding.
Fosse Healthcare

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