Koobr finalists for Marketing Campaign of the Year Award

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Koobr welcomes new Marketing Manager Rebecca

I’m really looking forward to working with all of Koobr’s clients. Being a part of such a talented and creative group of people is really inspiring.- Rebecca Shaw, Koobr Say hello to Rebecca Shaw, expert Marketing Manager and the latest addition to Team Koobr. It’s always exciting when a new member joins the team, so it’s

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Koobr are recruiting – 3 reasons a career in marketing might be for you

Koobr are recruiting for talented new members, but do you have what it takes to join our team of creative revolutionists? It may well be the start of a promising new career. Why would you not want to be in marketing? It’s a sexy profession, it gets the creative juices flowing, it’s full of variety

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Derby Food and Drink Awards 2016 — Why celebrating local businesses is so important

Team Koobr was out in full force at this year’s Derby Food and Drink Awards. More than an excuse to dress up and get our drink on, it was a perfect opportunity to showcase the importance of celebrating local businesses. At a glitzy ceremony at Derby’s Roundhouse, Team Koobr was in attendance at this

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Apple Event 2016 – Lessons in brand dominance and communication

Alongside the latest iPhone and smartwatch reveals, this year’s keynote was another opportunity for Apple to reconnect with audiences and once again establish brand dominance. Here are our insights that demonstrate why every business should take a page out of Apple’s marketing tablet. The end of the quarter keynote from Apple has become, in every sense

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Something to believe in – Is brand more important to your staff than to your customers?

A company that publicly displays brand values and culture without buy-in and the belief of the team can be disastrous for a business ona many levels. - Craig Barker, Koobr The idea that a brand is all bells and whistles for the benefit of attracting, engaging and capturing customer interest is an outdated one; the

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Bluu Sky – Case Study of a Branding Project

Koobr has reimagined our brand identity and brought it spectacularly up to date - helping us to redefine who we are and how we can communicate with our customers for the better. - Geoff Seymour, Managing Director, Bluu Sky Earlier this year, Koobr worked with Bluu Sky to develop a new and exciting brand. We wanted to

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Comech – Case study of a branding project

Simply put, they hit the nail on the head. Koobr created a contemporary, polished brand and now we are well positioned for rapid growth. - Keith Pallett, Managing Director, CoMech Metrology Ltd In September 2015, CoMech secured one of the biggest contracts in the company’s longstanding history. This contract was to provide calibration services for

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Chamber Apprenticeships – Case study of a branding project

Koobr displayed lots of positivity and enthusiasm when we briefed them on this creative project. They shared their creative process every step of the way, understood our requirements, gave useful insight, and delivered the best possible solution for the Chamber Apprenticeships brand values and target audience. - Alison Gray, Marketing Manager, East Midlands Chamber (Derbyshire,

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