Twitter for business: How to ensure it’s your friend… not your foe

Twitter has become a standard platform for businesses looking to strengthen marketing and broaden their customer outreach. But there are a few Do's and Don'ts you should stick to, if you want to get the most out of every Tweet whilst avoiding any public mishaps.

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Apple Event 2016 – Lessons in brand dominance and communication

Alongside the latest iPhone and smartwatch reveals, this year’s keynote was another opportunity for Apple to reconnect with audiences and once again establish brand dominance. Here are our insights that demonstrate why every business should take a page out of Apple’s marketing tablet.

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Should you be using emojis in your marketing?

As a millennial (someone born during or after 1980), emojis play a large part in how I communicate with others digitally. However, as a marketer, I approach their use differently.In fact, I could probably have a conversation with my best friend using only emojis and still be able to hold a reasonably coherent conversation.When you think about it, that sounds pretty crazy doesn't it?Whether you like it or not, emojis have almost become their own language amongst young people, and are in themselves also used as a new type of slang. Apple increased emoji size by 300% last year and also finally allowed consumers to enjoy emojis in the skin tone of their choice. They're certainly not going anywhere.Instagram found this interesting correlation between the use of slang and it's replacement with emojis - highlighting further that emojis are fast replacing written word (even though some wouldn't consider 'lmfao' a word - you get the picture)

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How to be happier at work

Would you like to be happier at work? Our work environment has a massive impact on our lives, not to mention on our physical & mental health. A great work environment is motivating and even when stressful, leaves you feeling fulfilled.Of course, the business you work for should aim to keep their staff happy, but alongside this there are also ways that you can help yourself to stay positive and upbeat.It’s important to make sure you look after yourself at work, and by keeping the following points in mind, you should start to see some positive changes happen and an added spring in your step.Personalise You should feel comfortable, yet motivated, in your work area. Try and add items to your desk such as a plant, photos and a mug with a quote that makes you smile.If you’re spending 40 hours a week mainly in that space, you need to make sure that you add the little touches to make it your own.

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How to avoid (or recover from) a social media disaster

Social media has revolutionised the way that businesses communicate with their customers, and more importantly, how customers communicate with businesses.It’s never been so easy for customers to publicly make their opinions heard and seen. This transparency can be both a blessing and a curse for any business with social media platforms.Providing excellent customer service should be a key pillar to any business, but this alone will not always guarantee happy customers, 100% of the time. An angry social media post that goes viral is bad enough, but combine this with a poorly handled response, and your business’ reputation is in serious trouble.Even if your company prides itself on being first class in it’s approach to customer service, there are still a whole host of reasons things can go awry and lead to a social media disaster.The rogue employee Employees with access to social media hold your business reputation in their hands.As HMV learnt the hard way in 2013, disgruntled employees can have a significant impact on a business if they decide to go out in a blaze of glory. Social media page hijacks, personal detail sharing and abusive responses to customers are just some of the cringe-inducing scenarios that have happened before, and will undoubtedly happen again.

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